Monday, November 10, 2014

I am still alive!

Ummm hi...I promise I'm still alive! To be honest, I've had a really hard time staying on track with my health and fitness since we got back from Colorado/Ohio...and that was three months ago.  I haven't completely let myself go; I've been working out 4-6 times a week, I've just been eating like complete and utter sh*t (and I kinda really hate myself for it).  But, Toby leaves in two months [insert crying emoji x1000 here], then I have 7 months to get hot again (and make it stick this time).  I don't really have any workouts for you guys or anything today, I just wanted to post something since it's been a quarter of a year...

Thanks for listening to reading my little blurb, and stay tuned because I will be back, pinky swear!
 photo squatssig_zps900cefef.png