Here's a little bit about me...

Hi, pretties! 
Sassy selfies over winter break happened far too often...sorry 'bout it
I'm Carlin, a 20 year old cat-loving fitness junkie, 
Sorry if you don't like cats, but come on...he's the size of a coffee cup!
living in the {beautiful} city of Tucson, Arizona.  
That's ACTUALLY Tucson...I know, I can't believe it either.
I came into college determined to be a doctor (surgeon, actually), but recently changed my mind and decided to become a physical therapist.  So I'm a newly-declared Nutritional Sciences major, juggling a schedule of all science classes, a beloved [Air Force] boyfriend, and a new job at the gym. 
The lights in our apartment actually spell "hello", but what's life without a little irony, right?
Anyway, I'm starting this blog (thanks to my roommate, Brianna) in the hopes of it being a way for me to share any recipes, workout tips, and nutritional information (as I learn it), as well as anything life throws at me!  I'm new at this, so don't be too hard on me!

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