Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pyramid Workout Progress: Week 1

I figured I'd post once a week during the cycle and update everyone on modifications and my own personal progress and opinions on the workouts, since I'm doing them all with you!

So, here it goes:
I AM SO DEAD! These workouts are tough, man.  I've been isolating one muscle group (i.e. just doing triceps or just doing chest) for a while now, but nothing compares to supersetting a pyramid workout.  I'm not kidding.  I finished the tricep workout on Tuesday, and just opening my laptop was so difficult, I may as well have been doing weighted dips. But no matter how painful the workouts are, after every single one, I have felt like I actually targeted the muscle group that I was going for (which is sometimes hard for me, especially for shoulders!). 

So far, so good! Keep it up, and let me know how your first week went!
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