Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014-Shoulders and Back

Okay, I don't know about anyone else, but shoulders are the hardest for me to feel like I actually did anything the next day-I never feel sore.  But, we work 'em anyway, right?!  Right.  I also feel like shoulder and back exercises go well together...hence today's workout.  (I also included pictures of each exercise so you know what you're doing! Sorry some of them are of real's a little creepy, I know) So, here we go!

NOTE: This is A LOT of reps.  Go slightly lighter than you would on a normal day.  If you don't know how heavy to go or even where to start in the least, don't hesitate to ask!!

500 rep workout:
Each exercise: 5 sets of 10 reps.  Do all sets of one exercise before moving on.
Seated barbell military press-sitting on a bench, press a barbell from your chest to above your head and bring it back down.

Close-grip lat pull-down-at the lat pull-down machine, bring the bar down to your chest, keeping your hands about shoulder-width apart.

Car drivers-holding a plate like a steering wheel, twist it to the right and left 'till hands are "stacked" perpendicular to the floor.  R-L is one rep.

Wide-grip lat pull-down-same thing as before, but this time keep your hands wider than shoulder-width apart.

Front incline dumbbell raise-sit/lay on an incline chair (your back on the pad) and do front raises with a dumbbell.

Seated cable rows-either at a rowing machine or at the cable machine, sit with your feet pressed against the foot pad and, keeping your back as flat/straight as possible, pull cable in towards your chest (imagine your shoulder blades being pulled down and together).

1-arm side lateral raise-normal raises, keeping arms straight and only bringing weight to shoulder height-DO NOT raise above parallel. One arm at a time.

Incline (or just normal/bent over) T-bar row-if on incline, pull bar up to chest, "tucking" shoulder blades in and down.  If doing bent over, keep back flat and pull shoulder blades in and down.
normal bent over T-bar row
Incline T-bar row

Cable rear delt fly-on the cable machine that has two cables on the same side, grab the left one with your right hand and vice-versa, crossing them over one another. Pull them back, keeping arms as wide as possible.

Back hyper extension-on the "back hyper extension" machine (shown below), start from completely relaxed over the pads and use your lower back to pull yourself up to a hyper extended state, where the lower back muscles are contracted.

*This workout might be a little longer than you're used to (a.k.a., it might take about an hour or so), because of the increase in sets, so plan accordingly!*

What do you think? Any tips to make the workout that much better?
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