Monday, June 2, 2014

pet peeves of a consistent gym-goer

I understand that I'm not the most fit person in the world, nor do I know even close to everything that there is to know about working out. But, I do know my way around a gym, whether it's a "bare-bones" one or a fancy "fitness club", and I know that there is a certain etiquette in every gym that usually people understand to follow (most of the time, this etiquette is usually posted on the walls at the gym, called "rules"-what a concept!!).

Unfortunately, not everyone understands and follows these common-sense guidelines. This is where my biggest pet peeves live.
  • People who don't re-rack their weights--this is literally my #1 pet peeve. If you follow me on Twitter, then you've probably seen at least 5 tweets this year about people who don't re-rack. If you can lift the weight to do the exercise, you can lift it enough to put it away! It's really not that hard.
  • People who slam their weights down after using them--okay, I understand if you're cleanin' and pressin', but that's about as much as I can handle. If you are throwing down dumbbells, it's time to cut back on the weight, honey. You obviously can't handle that much weight, and there's no shame in reducing; you're drawing more attention to yourself by throwing them on the ground than you would by simply switching them out!
  • People who drip sweat everywhere then don't wipe off the equipment--good for you for working up that sweat and feelin' the burn! But I don't want to experience your workout by sliding around in your sweaty mess. (Not to mention the smell!) Please, please, please wipe off the bench/machine after use; it only takes a minute!
  • People who sit at a machine/bench/station for 20 minutes on their phone--woohoo, you're popular! Awesome. Now either get off of your phone and workout, or move. If you're changing the song (or even a quick tweet...we wouldn't want you wasting a workout by forgetting to tell the world about it), cool. If not, get your stuff together so we can all move along with our lives.
  • People who stand in front of a machine/bench/station for 20 minutes and chit chat with their friend--like the phone thing, this is just a little bit ridiculous. Everyone is here to workout, not listen to you talk about how drunk you were last night while waiting for you to finish "using" the incline bench. Please, talk on your own time.
  • People who shamelessly take selfies every five seconds--but first, let me take a #selfie. No, please don't. Even worse than the Outstretched Arm Holding the iPhone selfie is the Flexing in The Mirror selfie. No. Just, no. Save yourself (and everyone else) the embarrassment and wait until you get home to prove that you #GetSwole.
I understand that a lot of these may be because I work at the gym and I've seen all of these happen multiple times a day (I've only worked 5 shifts, so what does that tell you??), but I am also an avid gym-goer, so I'm giving myself the authority to be annoyed with the above people.

What are your biggest pet-peeves? Bonus points if they include the gym!
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  1. I don't work out at a gym anymore, but when I did the dripping sweat everywhere thing almost made me gag every time. So gross!

  2. hahaha DJ was telling me about these guys he always sees at the gym and they sit in front of the mirror making duck faces and taking selfies together..