Friday, June 6, 2014

why you should train with a buddy

Don't get me wrong here; I love working out alone. I'm all about that "running is cheaper than therapy" mentality, and using my workout for "me time", but there are some insane perks to having a workout partner that you just don't get when you go solo.

Gym Tips

When you go to the gym with a partner, you have that extra set of eyes that can easily tell exactly what you're doing wrong. Yes, it may be annoying having someone tell you everything that you're doing wrong, but it'll probably prevent injury and help you get dem gainz, bro. They can also bring new workouts into your world, which is never a negative thing.


This is definitely a plus for anyone who lifts weights. While it may not be awkward to ask a random other patron for a spot, I always feel kind of bad taking them away from their workout to help with mine. In this instance, it's really nice to be able to have someone always ready to help you lift those last couple of reps.


Ah, one of my favorite parts about working out with someone else: you can use them as your own motivation. It always seems silly when you see those big dudes yelling at each other to "PUSH IT, MAN, ONE MORE! WOOF! WOOF!", but it really does help. Just knowing someone is rooting for you to finish that rep basically lifts the weight for you.

Friendly Competition

Whenever I workout, I compare myself to everyone else in the gym. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; I'm not doing it out of shame for my body or anything else, I'm simply just using it as a way for me to push myself harder. This is even better with a partner, because you can sh*t talk and push the competition that much further!


Honestly, this is the best part. Sometimes, you just really do not want to go to the gym. And that's okay. SOMETIMES. But it's a lot harder to bail on a good workout when you know that someone is already getting ready to meet you there and hold you accountable for your promises.
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