Friday, May 16, 2014

I met my boyfriend on Tinder

Yep, you read that right.  I met this handsome man on Tinder.
Of all the freakin' places to meet someone in our generation, we met on the dating site designed for random hook-ups and one-night stands. But I swear it's not as creepy as it seems!

Here's the story:
I was in my apartment with two of my roommates, Bailey and Katie, who both have Tinder accounts (they're not actually serious either). We were hanging out in the living room on Friday night and they were both scrolling through their Tinders absentmindedly and exchanging stories about their ridiculous conversations on the app.  I thought, why not make one, if only to mess with the people on there? So I did. X number of matches later, I was talking to some guy from my Spanish class a year ago, as well as some baseball player from ASU. We talked about working out and I corrected their grammar.  That's about as far as it went with anyone, until I woke up on Saturday morning to a new message from some firefighter at 7:00 in the morning. We talked a little bit on the app on and off throughout the day until Brianna finally convinced me to ask for his number.  After that, we texted any time that we got the chance for the next two weeks (he works 24's, so every other day it'd be on and off whenever he wasn't doing work for the station or going out on calls). We played the "question game" (a necessary game for getting to know someone over text) for probably five days, learning all sorts of things about each other. We had planned to meet on his K-day (basically his weekend, but it's every other week, in the middle of the week), but he got called in for some drill/training day so it didn't work out. The next weekend, I went to Phoenix to run the Spartan race (which I highly recommend!), and when I got back to Tucson, he came over and we went to In-N-Out for our first "date" (I wouldn't have it any other way).  Don't worry though, my roommates all met him! It was the least awkward thing that I could have ever imagined. We clicked right away and had so much fun.  He came back to the apartment after dinner and we played Taboo and Clue with my roommates, then went home.  Since that Sunday, we've seen each other every single day that he has off, other than when I go back to Phoenix for longer than a day (he's come home with me twice already, and is coming for my brother's high school graduation next week).

I know it seems crazy, but this boy has become a huge part of my life; I wouldn't change it for the world, regardless of how it happened. He makes me insanely happy every single day, and I can't wait to see what's in store for us!
First picture we took together...a tad awkward, but I love it!
 photo squatssig_zps900cefef.png


  1. Awesome! I used Tinder for some time, but I also used Plenty of Fish, and that's where I met my boyfriend. I was about to delete my profile because I was tired of all the rude guys, but as I went to delete it, I saw I got a message from this guy-- and I only responded because he looked soo familiar, but it turns out I've never met him (obviously). And then the next thing I know, here we are living together! haha. It's amazing how love works. I NEVER thought I'd meet anyone decent on those apps.