Sunday, May 4, 2014

New organization tactics

Hello there, beautiful people of Blogland!  I decided that, even though I love the whole "fitness" center of the blog, I'd like to post other things about my life...and more than one post a day is a little bit too excessive for me.  So, a week after starting the blog, I'm going to revamp the way we do things around here.

From now on, I'll be posting the week's workouts (and eventually meal plans) on Sundays, so you'll be able to view all of them ahead of time instead of waiting until the morning of.  This will hopefully help some people in their planning for the week, as well as free up time for me to post about other things going on in my life.  It's a win-win for everyone! (Unless you don't care about my life, in which case I suggest you just visit us on Sundays!)

So, without further adieu, you can view (and save!) this week's workouts here :)
 photo squatssig_zps900cefef.png

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