Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3, 2014-Legs

Hello, beautiful people!  So sorry that I didn't have this morning's workout posted...well this morning... (Not that anyone is even following these but myself). I was feeling unmotivated until I realized: I have worked out every single day this week, why stop now? So, here is the last workout of the week: leg day.

Squat presses (with machine)- 3 sets of 10
Calf raises (on same machine)- 3 sets of 10
Squats (assisted or non)- 3 sets of 16: 8 (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up), 4 (4 seconds down, 1 second up), 4 (1 second down, 4 seconds up)
                 Superset: lunge-jumps: 8 reps on each side, one set after each squat set
Lunges (assisted or non-assisted squat rack)- 3 sets of 16 each leg (same routine as squats)
                 Superst: squat jumps: 8 reps, one set after each lunge set
Adductor Machine- 3 sets of 15: 10 normal pace, 5 negatives (use your hands to help the positive motion, remove hands, hold at the top for a second, and go back to the start slowly)
Abductor Machine- 3 sets of 15: 10 normal pace, 5 negatives (same as above)
Wall sit- 1 minute, make sure thighs are parallel to ground
Exercise ball hamstring pull-ins-3 sets of 20: 10 with both legs, 5 each leg

Exercise ball v-ups-10 reps (from ankles to hands and back to ankles=1 rep)
Sit-ups on medicine ball- 15 reps each direction (front, right side, left side)
Side heel-touches-20 reps each way (40 total)

Leg lifts-10 reps

My legs are ALREADY feeling it, and I've only been home for 30 minutes!  What are your favorite leg exercises?
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  1. Thanks for this, I needed some leg workouts! Not sure how I stumbled on your blog but so glad I did!