Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm obsessed with cats

Okay, so I've said it twice, once on my about me page and once in my first post, but you've all yet to see how obsessed I actually am. 
Pardon my ugly foot/leg/ankle
This is my cat tattoo. I got it with two of my really good friends from high school, one actually drew it for the three of us.  And nope, we were not drunk when we got them. 100% sober. 100% planned out for about 5 months.  Do you get it yet?

I actually don't have a cat here in Tucson with me (my roommate is allergic and she won't even suck it up for me ugh whatever *insert hair flip emoji here*), but my parents have two at their house.  The funny thing is, though, my dad was SO against getting a cat.  So naturally, last summer, my sister and I left the house while he was at work and came home with a brand new 10 week old kitten from the Arizona Humane Society.  My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King, so obviously we named her Nala.  Then, just three weeks ago, my brother calls me saying that he and his friend had found a litter of four 3-week old kittens, asking if I wanted one.  I was so sad to say no, especially because he said if they didn't find homes for them within the week, they were bringing them to the shelter.  Well, three days later my mom texts me and says they adopted one.  Um..what? I've wanted a cat all my life, then once I'm gone they adopt two? NOT FAIR.
AH she was literally the cutest. This was my background for at least 8 months, not kidding
aaaand my current background: Xavi (on the left..that's his sister (or brother, we don't really know) on the right!)
Anyway, not really sure why I just spilled all of that, but the plus side is, Toby loves cats [almost] as much as I do, so he wants to adopt one as soon as he can move off base (we're crossing our fingers that it's soon, seeing as he deploys in January)! Also, we plan on raising a bobcat eventually so basically he's perfect.

Welp, now ya know just how obsessed with cats I am...Can't believe I wrote an entire post on it, but #sorrynotsorry
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  1. Oh hey, I just found your blog and now i'm obsessed with you. #crazycatladies