Friday, May 9, 2014

The Last Supper: Roommate Breakfast edition

Okay, I'm crying because yesterday was our last breakfast with everyone living under the same roof.

Okay, it's a bad picture but it's the only one we took. Also, Brianna was grabbing my ass so there's that.
It's so weird to think about the fact that the year is already seriously flew by.  I feel like we moved in just yesterday!
If you read Brianna's blog, then you know that she and I are basically dating.  We talk to each other every single day (hello, we live under the same roof), text when we're not together, buy each other Starbucks and In-N-Out on a whim, and are really bad influences for one another when it comes to food choices (read: eating In-N-Out and Hot Cheetos at least three times a week).  Well, she just left about 20 minutes ago for her mom's house, where she'll stay for a week, then she flies out to Montana to spend the summer (3 WHOLE MONTHS) with her boyfriend.  AKA, I'm basically never going to see her again, because when she comes back, I will be all moved out of the apartment and living in a house with my other besties.  Not to mention the fact that she's graduating in December (a year and a half early...such a genius), then moving to Montana with her boyfriend until he gets out of the Military.  It's insane to think that someone I've only known for nine months has become one of my best friends so quickly.  We literally almost cried when she left, and I'm almost in tears writing this...  This is not a drill.
Obviously, I'm sad about leaving my other two roommates as well!  First semester, Bailey and I were super close and went out together almost every time either one of us went out.  Like Halloween, for example...
She was a raccoon and I was...a biker or something. It changed with every person who asked what I was
Katie and I haven't really gotten to our "close friends" stage yet, but we're both living here over the summer, so I'm sure it'll happen soon!

Can't believe the year's already over and everyone's leaving!

Side note: I got French Toast for breakfast and Toby (he tagged along because it was his "weekend"!) got a fresh fruit, granola and yogurt dish...
 Oops...guess we know who the fat one is.  Don't judge me, it's my weakness!!

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